A Laboratory for New Opera

Founded in 2021 by director-librettist Max Hoehn, Opera21’s mission is to commission a series of new operas-in-progress and showcase them online through an exciting offering of musical extracts, downloadable libretti and behind-the-scenes interviews. 

"Unless you are feeding the new you have no right to live off the old."

Sir David Pountney
on the future of opera


Led by the artists

Composers and librettists only exist on the margins of today’s opera industry. In a post-pandemic world, we urgently need new stories and new commissioning models.

In steps Opera21, a small, artist-led outfit that aims to collaborate with some of the most exciting and imaginative composers working today. We concentrate on the crucial phases of libretto-writing, commissioning and showcasing musical extracts before working towards finding partners to produce a fully-staged world premiere.

Current supporters

RVW Trust

The Marchus Trust

Oleg Prokofiev Trust

Golsoncott Foundation

Swiss Cultural Fund UK

Radcliffe Trust

Kate Olver

Toni Staub

Anne & Kitty Vagi

Laszlo Kiralyfi

Doris Fanconi & Jurg Lehmann

Conrado Noetzli

Ros Shelley

Keturah Stickann

Peter Hoehn

Miguel Morin

Esther Schoellkopf Steiger

& three anonymous donors