New Works

Operas in progress

Discover Opera21’s new commissions by visiting the project pages below, which allow you to explore an exciting range of music, libretti and background material.

We welcome any enquiries from potential co-producers or gifts from donors, who would like to contribute towards the further development of each work and support a world premiere production. 

a Chamber Opera 

Born into poverty in rural Italy, Alessandro Moreschi, was one of the last boys to be castrated for the glory of art and the glory of God. His remarkable voice won him fame and a place in the choir of the Sistine Chapel for over twenty years.

a thriller in one act

One night Stalin telephones the Head of Radio Moscow requesting his favourite recording of a piano sonata to be delivered to the Kremlin the following morning. There’s one problem: the recording does not exist.

Our Vision

Opera21 is a laboratory for the development of new opera and music theatre.