The Last Castrato

A Chamber Opera by Torsten Rasch

Experience the remarkable life story of Alessandro Moreschi (1858-1922), the last castrato to be employed by the Pope and a man whose identity fundamentally challenged the social and gender norms of his time.

Alessandro Moreschi

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Alessandro tries to build a normal life for himself by marrying a younger woman, Guendalina. But their unconventional marriage is overshadowed by scandal and the traumas of Alessandro’s past.

Creative Team

German composer Torsten Rasch is best known for his epic orchestral cycle “Mein Herz brennt” based on Rammstein’s album and recorded by Deutsche Grammophon. His operas have been commissioned by ENO, Oper Köln and Semperoper Dresden.

Max Hoehn’s libretto is based on research into Moreschi’s troubled private life and takes place against a backdrop of the social and political upheaval that led to the rise of Mussolini.

The role of Moreschi is written for acclaimed countertenor Andrew Watts.

Workshop filmed at St Jude-on-the-Hill, London, in Nov 2021. Cast: Andrew Watts, Rebecca Bottone, Alan Ewing & Isaac Rogers. Conductor: Gerry Cornelius, CHROMA Ensemble

Inspiration for the opera derives from a series of extraordinary recordings made by Moreschi in 1902 when both the recording industry and technology were in their infancy.

Alessandro Moreschi

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